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The Fault in our Stars – Movie Review

The Fault in our Stars is a romantic drama based on the book by John Green.

It follows a girl called Hazel who has had lung cancer since she was 13. Her mom forces her to go to a support group for cancer patients so she can make friends because she doesn’t have any. She bumps into a boy called Augustus Water who has survived cancer by having his leg amputated. When Hazel and Augustus meet in the support group they instantly become friends. However something horrible lies in their future that could ruin both of their lives. What could possibly endanger their friendship? Well you’ll find out in this heartfelt movie about love, friendship and survival for life.

Both the book and the movie were very emotional for me as it involved a lot of heart-breaking subjects like death and coping with the effects of cancer. I would still recommend it, if you haven’t already seen it.

Girl Online Review

With Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online: Going Solo coming out soon and hitting library shelves Mid November, we thought we would look back on the original book sensation Girl Online. 

This book is about a girl that has a blog which describes how she is feeling in school. In this book she is in year 11. Her parents are wedding planners and her brother is in uni. She loves photography and wants to be a photographer when she is older. She has an enemy in school who she despises. She is humiliated in front of the whole school while she is taking photos of the school play. He parents get an offer to create a Downton Abbey themed wedding in New York and before going she writes a blog about she was involved in a car crash with her parents that almost took her life away. She discovers a secret while she is in New York.

It is a good book because it is describing how school life is and how she manages her love life and how to fit in school and how some secrets can hold a lot meaning and how it can affect your life.