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My Love of Harry Potter

Hi, I’m Aanya and I’ve started working at the library. I have found it really fun so far. My favourite book series are the Harry Potter series and I’m a mega fan of it. I’m a Gryffindor and I’m proud of it. If I had to choose my favourite book would have to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I like this one as Harry has to enter a competition and you get to know lots about other students of Hogwarts. Speaking of Hogwarts I wish I went there, I have my Hermione Granger wand ready!

Dork Diaries Series Review

In the Hamstead Hall library we have a range books such as the dork diary series. This includes party time, pop star, dork diaries, how to dork your diary, dear dork, holiday heartbreak, TV star, once upon a dork,drama queen, puppy love, frenemies forever, crush catastrophe and many more brilliant diaries. These books are written by Rachel Renee Russel and her two daughters Erin, and Nikki Russel. The dork diaries have amazing illustrations. The dork diaries are about a teenage girl who joins a new private school and gets bullied there. She also finds new BFF’s, a new crush and of course a new enemy. Read a dork diary today to discover the amazing adventures Nikki goes through.

What The Library Means To Me

Libraries can store a very large amount of information which could help you with any subject. Plus it has lots of fantastic books that you might be interested in. Books that are really eye-catching and gripping. Furthermore it has lots of fascinating clubs, for example Warhammer Club is a very fun game in my opinion and it might be yours too. Lastly you are always welcome to come and read a book at the library and you never know, you might be reading it for days.

Work Experience in the Library

 In Work experience, I’ve decided to work in the Library because I like reading books that always improve my literacy skills and improves my vocabulary. The librarian told me what to do, I tidied up all the book shelves and placed books on the book shelves. At break and lunch time, the student librarian taught me how to scan books, the students asked me whether they need this book borrowed or returned. I have free time unless the student asks me to borrow or return a book. Then I tidied the book shelves again and the librarian got me to do a few more jobs.


‘Press Start to Play’ Review

Press start to play is a collection of short stories based around gaming and gaming culture.
It was a good collection but some of the stories were a bit rushed due to the format. These stories could use some expanding to explore their concepts.
My favourite story was the first one called ‘God Mode’, this was by Daniel H. Wilson, author of Robocalypse. In it our main character is a game designer and he has to explain how his game works to a friend.
As a whole the book was good but could use some expansion of it’s core ideas.

Warhammer Club

This article was written by Mr Taylor and Mrs Shakespeare.

The Twin Realms of Hamstead Hall are under attack from forces of darkness. With enemies at the doors, pupils in the Ages of Sigmar and the 41st Millennia battle to keep these forces at bay!

Welcome to the World of Warhammer! Created by Games Workshop in Nottingham in 1983, Warhammer exists in both a fantasy setting and a science fiction setting. Pupils from years 7 through to 11 have joined together to create their own Warhammer figures.

In addition, the Warhammer hobby is a DofE approved skill; so we have a lot of DofE pupils who are creating their own characters, building and painting their own models together with learning mathematical skills and teamwork skills (7 pupils teamed up against Mr. Taylor!).

Ultimately we hope to compete against other schools in the ‘Schools Alliance’ where schools get together in the official Games Workshop stores and battle each other. The battles are marked not just in terms of victory and defeat but how good an army looks, how organised pupils are and their attitudes to other schools. Points are awarded for being graceful when winning or losing. Warhammer doesn’t tolerate sore losers!

We have a lot planned out over the next year and we hope in future to bring news of success in the national school league. The finals take place at Warhammer World in Nottingham, which is where all of the figures are created.

If you are interested in joining our team then come to the school library every Wednesday lunchtime and speak to Mrs. Shakespeare or Mr. Taylor. We would like to thank the library for letting us use their space and facilities as well as understanding that many of the pupils get very excited during play!

May the dice roll be ever in your favour!

Warhammer Club Poster

Board Games First Impressions

Introducing chess to the library has been a huge success. Since it’s introduction we’ve brought a scrabble set and launched Warhammer club which runs every Wednesday.  I’m happy to announce that next month we’ll be buying even more games! student librarian Karan has shared his first impressions below.



Looks quite creative. I would play this cause it looks like scrabble and I enjoy word games/searches etc. If someone likes those type of games then they will like this.

Thumbs up on this one. A similar and simpler game than chess. More fun and easy for kids to play. I play at home in my own time with my competitive grandma!

I will play this, it’s a good game. You have to try to sink your opponent’s battleships by aligning your bombs in the same position as their battleships on your grid.

Ticket to ride
It looks cool. One of those games where you have to control as much of the map as possible. I’m looking forward to playing it.

Dork Diaries Announcement and Review

To celebrate the library acquiring all the Dork Diaries books, Student Librarian Harjas has written about why she likes the series so much.


“I love dork diaries because it is very interesting because it talks about a girl who has a lot of problems in school and how she solves the problem. t is similar to diary of a wimpy kid. I am happy that the library got the whole collection of dork diaries so I will be able to read all of them.”

The Saga of Darren Shan: Vampire Blood Trilogy: Book Review

My book is about a boy called Darren shan. When Darren and his friend go to a strange show they decide to steal a vampire’s spider and things get out of hand. To save his friend he has to become a vampire. He doesn’t like it very much but gets used to it after a while.
I thought the book was really good, I’m still reading it. It is fun and mysterious. My favourite character is Evra Von. He is a snake boy and acts with his snake. I like him because he’s all covered in scales and never grows hair. To hide his identity all the freaks live in a camp and they move on every so often.
It is an easy book to read and I’d recommend it to fans of vampires.