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‘Press Start to Play’ Review

Press start to play is a collection of short stories based around gaming and gaming culture.
It was a good collection but some of the stories were a bit rushed due to the format. These stories could use some expanding to explore their concepts.
My favourite story was the first one called ‘God Mode’, this was by Daniel H. Wilson, author of Robocalypse. In it our main character is a game designer and he has to explain how his game works to a friend.
As a whole the book was good but could use some expansion of it’s core ideas.

But It’s Not Fair – Book Review

But It’s not Fair is written by Aneeta Prem and Jacqueline Burns
I like this book because it good to read and you can learn from it. It’s all text, there’s no pictures. It’s all about forced marriages. It’s about a girl that wants to get married, but she can’t unless her dad says she can. The book makes me feel sad because the main character is upset she can’t get married. I would recommend it to others so they can learn about this subject.

‘Mystery and Mayhem’ Book Review

The book is a range of stories with a mystery in each of them and they are all nearly impossible to solve. The book contains multiple authors, so you get a range of different mystery writing.
I thought that the author Susie Day was a really good author, when she writes mysteries they are real brain teasers to solve and when the answers present themselves you realise how clever they are.
Clues for the mystery are found by reading ‘in between the lines’.
It’s very interesting and when you start reading it you’ll want to continue until you get to the end. It’s not a book that will have answers at the back or at the end of the story; the answers are told to you throughout the novel. It contains a lot of AH-HA moments!
I’m looking forward to continuing this story collection and mainly the books by Susie Day!

Divergent Book Review

Divergent is a sci-fi, dystopian novel by Veronica Roth. It’s about a girl named  Triss who lives in a society which you must choose between 6 factions when you turn sixteen. These are known as Candor, Amity, Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless, all of which have a specific strength. To help teens choose they must take a test. When
Tris’ test says she fits multiple factions she is worried as and this means she is a Divergent. The government considers these people  dangerous and when caught are killed. The story is about the thing Tris has to go through to avoid the government.
We would give this book 9/10 as it is a gripping, amazing piece of literature. We think this book is aimed mainly for 12 year old’s and upwards as it can be mildly distressing and violent.
There is also a film based on this book which we think is also amazing. The book and film is the first part of an epic trilogy and the film is part of four films as the last book was split into two. The second part of it is not yet out.

This piece is co-authored by Libby and Esther.

Book of the Week: Timmy Failure

Hey guys, its Duaine here back at it again with book of the week. For the past few weeks I’ve reviewed some of my favorite books that I’ve read and enjoyed but it’s time to shake it up. Now I will explore the library every week and pick a book  that i have yet to read and review the first few pages. So this week i have picked…Timmy Failure

(BTW Before I begin I apologize for not uploading last week).

The book follows the adventures of Timmy Failure, an amateur detective with a lot of ambition and very little sense. The first thing i noticed from this book is the childish art style and wording. It definitely appeals to younger children at least in year 6. While I thought that at first, reading the next few chapters really made me laugh. All the attempts at being funny really succeed. I would recommend it to fans of Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates.