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Board Games First Impressions

Introducing chess to the library has been a huge success. Since it’s introduction we’ve brought a scrabble set and launched Warhammer club which runs every Wednesday.  I’m happy to announce that next month we’ll be buying even more games! student librarian Karan has shared his first impressions below.



Looks quite creative. I would play this cause it looks like scrabble and I enjoy word games/searches etc. If someone likes those type of games then they will like this.

Thumbs up on this one. A similar and simpler game than chess. More fun and easy for kids to play. I play at home in my own time with my competitive grandma!

I will play this, it’s a good game. You have to try to sink your opponent’s battleships by aligning your bombs in the same position as their battleships on your grid.

Ticket to ride
It looks cool. One of those games where you have to control as much of the map as possible. I’m looking forward to playing it.