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Dork Diaries Series Review

In the Hamstead Hall library we have a range books such as the dork diary series. This includes party time, pop star, dork diaries, how to dork your diary, dear dork, holiday heartbreak, TV star, once upon a dork,drama queen, puppy love, frenemies forever, crush catastrophe and many more brilliant diaries. These books are written by Rachel Renee Russel and her two daughters Erin, and Nikki Russel. The dork diaries have amazing illustrations. The dork diaries are about a teenage girl who joins a new private school and gets bullied there. She also finds new BFF’s, a new crush and of course a new enemy. Read a dork diary today to discover the amazing adventures Nikki goes through.

Dork Diaries Announcement and Review

To celebrate the library acquiring all the Dork Diaries books, Student Librarian Harjas has written about why she likes the series so much.


“I love dork diaries because it is very interesting because it talks about a girl who has a lot of problems in school and how she solves the problem. t is similar to diary of a wimpy kid. I am happy that the library got the whole collection of dork diaries so I will be able to read all of them.”

If you liked Wimpy Kid you’ll love…

These books are about other Wimpy Kids which you’ll enjoy reading if you liked Jeff Kinney’s series.

I like Dork Diaries because it is the female version of Wimpy Kid. It’s all about being at school and making friends. Our main character is moving to a new school in the hopes that she will leave her dork days behind her. It will appeal to those new in school who are feeling a bit lonely.

Middle School is like Dork Diaries, this boy is moving to the big city to the world’s dinkiest house. He doesn’t like the school at all, the book’s subtitle is ‘Get me out of here!’ Main character Rafe is moving to a posh school which he doesn’t like.

Finally Tom Gates is an exciting book for me. This book is all about Tom going to school and he is really good in class, he gets to the top of his teacher’s chart but he still has problems in school.

All of these books are about characters going to school and dealing with change. I think the year 7s should read them despite the fact that they should all get kicked out!