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What The Library Means To Me

Libraries can store a very large amount of information which could help you with any subject. Plus it has lots of fantastic books that you might be interested in. Books that are really eye-catching and gripping. Furthermore it has lots of fascinating clubs, for example Warhammer Club is a very fun game in my opinion and it might be yours too. Lastly you are always welcome to come and read a book at the library and you never know, you might be reading it for days.

Christmas and the Excelsior Award

We’re reflecting on another amazing term at Hamstead Hall Library. We’ve seen student librarians leave (goodbye Duaine and Wari!) but we’ve also added four new members. A big library welcome goes to Atara, Ishmail, Courtney and Aleena! They’ve already proved themselves to be excellent student librarians and we hope that they are enjoying themselves.

What have we done this term? Well we kicked off the year by running the year 7 reading challenge. Over the summer, pupils were given the chance to write a review of the book they were reading. Our favourite entry would win a £10 book voucher. The eventual winner was Elsie who reviewed ‘A Whole New World’ by Liz Braswell. Congratulations! All entries are currently on display at the back of the library.

Speaking of year 7, every pupil received a free book courtesy of the Book-Buzz scheme. They got to choose which book they would like from a selection of fifteen amazing titles. This scheme is funded by the Academy in partnership with the charity Book Trust. Students who have finished their books should head to the library where they will find a copy of every Book-Buzz book available for loan.

We’ve had some great displays this term. Students where able to go on a blind date with a book. This involves them picking up a wrapped book and borrowing it on the strength of the genre and first line. These nearly all went out, which was awesome! We also ran a Christmas countdown in which we revealed a new book every day and as usual we’ve been getting in at least 9 new books a week and running our awareness week display. Topics covered this term include Anti-Bullying Week, Black History Month and Remembrance Day.

We’ve got so much planned for the spring term. We’ll be launching the Excelsior Award in January. The scheme which allows pupils to read ten graphic novels and then vote on which one they believe should win the coveted award. This year the award is split into 2 categories:

Excelsior Award Blue, for students aged 11 and over- Key Stage 3 Excelsior Award Red, for students aged 14 and over- Key Stage 4

You can check out the shortlists here.

We hope you all have a wonderful break. Lets make 2019 the best library year yet!



Work Experience in the Library

 In Work experience, I’ve decided to work in the Library because I like reading books that always improve my literacy skills and improves my vocabulary. The librarian told me what to do, I tidied up all the book shelves and placed books on the book shelves. At break and lunch time, the student librarian taught me how to scan books, the students asked me whether they need this book borrowed or returned. I have free time unless the student asks me to borrow or return a book. Then I tidied the book shelves again and the librarian got me to do a few more jobs.


World Book Day 2018

I am writing to inform you that on the 1st March 2018 Hamstead Hall Academy will be hosting a World Book Day event. As always pupils will be given their £1 book voucher for use in all good bookshops. Details about this can be found at  www.worldbookday.com 

To celebrate World Book Day, we will have a different dress code and pupils will have two options: either they dress up as their favourite literary character or dress up smartly in formal attire. Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative costumes.

Pupils will be asked to pay £1 and funds raised will go towards improving resources in the library and Book Aid International; a charity committed to stocking libraries in the poorest parts of Africa.
We’ll also be running Drop Everything and Read (DEAR), which means that classroom activities will stop for a designated period of time in order for pupils to read a book of their choosing. It is imperative that pupils bring in their chosen fiction book on 1st March or choose one from the Academy library. They can also go to their English teacher if they need to borrow a book.

Hamstead Hall Academy is committed to raising the standards of literacy across the school and we hope to see as many pupils take part as possible in all the activities taking place.

For great budget-beating dressing up ideas go to www.bookaid.org/worldbookday

Board Games First Impressions

Introducing chess to the library has been a huge success. Since it’s introduction we’ve brought a scrabble set and launched Warhammer club which runs every Wednesday.  I’m happy to announce that next month we’ll be buying even more games! student librarian Karan has shared his first impressions below.



Looks quite creative. I would play this cause it looks like scrabble and I enjoy word games/searches etc. If someone likes those type of games then they will like this.

Thumbs up on this one. A similar and simpler game than chess. More fun and easy for kids to play. I play at home in my own time with my competitive grandma!

I will play this, it’s a good game. You have to try to sink your opponent’s battleships by aligning your bombs in the same position as their battleships on your grid.

Ticket to ride
It looks cool. One of those games where you have to control as much of the map as possible. I’m looking forward to playing it.

Dork Diaries Announcement and Review

To celebrate the library acquiring all the Dork Diaries books, Student Librarian Harjas has written about why she likes the series so much.


“I love dork diaries because it is very interesting because it talks about a girl who has a lot of problems in school and how she solves the problem. t is similar to diary of a wimpy kid. I am happy that the library got the whole collection of dork diaries so I will be able to read all of them.”

Our Favourite Sections of the Library.

This is a joint article written by Student Librarians Tayba and Hariya with input from Mr Cochrane and Ms Clair. We talk about our favourite sections of the library and why they like them so much.

I like the fiction section of the library because it has stories in it. My favourite stories are adventures like ‘The Witch that does Spells.’

The non-fiction books are my favourite section of the library. This is because the non-fiction section can help me with my work and prepare me for my future tests, assessments and exams.

Mr Cochrane
My favourite bit of the library is the Young Adult section, here you can find lots of interesting books which are specifically written for teenagers. They’re way more intense than the regular fiction!

Ms Clair
My favourite section of the Library is ALL of it! I love reading and my taste is eclectic so I will choose and read whatever subject I am interested in at the time; it can be fiction or non-fiction.

Our World Book Day Event Made The News!


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We really enjoyed the World Book Day celebrations earlier this month and we were really pleased to get a reminder of this lovely day in this week’s Great Barr Observer. They kindly published an article explaining everything that happened on the day and what we hoped the day would achieve in terms of reading development. We look forward to future World Book Days and hope to build on what we did this year.

We Joined Twitter!

After our video was pinned by the Excelsior Award team last month we decided it was finally time to get our own Twitter account. You can view our twitter account by clicking here.

So far we’ve got a like from @ExcelsiorAward 

A like from @WorldBookDayUK

and a reply from @NationalBookTokens

We’re looking forward to connecting with as many of you as possible through this platform. Twitter will provide the most up-to-date library news, while more detailed break-downs of said news will appear on our website slightly later.