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Flood Damage

This is a quick update to tell you how the flood damage has affected the library.

The very good news is that there was no direct damage. No water actually made it in here, which is a small miracle considering the amount of books we have so close to the ground.

The bad news is that several rooms near the library were extremely affected. The worst of these being 401. The library will be doing everything it can to help support teachers who’ve had their rooms ruined. Specifically we’ll be hosting the lessons that were supposed to take place in the affected areas. Everyone here is working very hard to amend the damage and hopefully the school will be back to normal very soon.

Half Term Update

We’ve had a great half term at the library. We thought it would be a good idea to let you all know what we have in store for when students return on the 6th June.
-We’re going to be raising awareness of World Environment day and the challenging issues that will face the next generation.
-We’re going to launch our first YouTube video. Check out our channel here.
-We have a Book Fair planned that will be running from the 11th July, there will be plenty of excellent book ranges from Scholastic as well as a bargain bin of our outdated books.
-We’ll be promoting and pushing the Library Eclipse service to the students with a brand new display and video.
-We’ll hoping to bring in over 70 new resources. On the 6th July, the students will gain access to the Dark-Mouth Series, The Martian, Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, My Brother is a Superhero , Little Women, Jurassic Park/World, The Girl on the Train and Alice in Sunderland. That’s just week 1!

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th! Hopefully we can make the return to school a little more anticipated.

Can you write a story on a post it note?

We’ve got a new display for the library which shows the power and importance of short stories. Part of the display shows that you can fit a whole story, with a beginning, a ¬†middle and an end on the space of a post it note. We’ve got examples from writers like Ernest Hemingway and even Jimmy Carr!

We’re hoping that pupils will have a go themselves, so we’ve got a whole pad of fresh post-its for pupils to give it a shot. If they’re good we’ll make them a permanent part of the display!