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Half-Price Book Fair 2018

After last year’s record-breaking success, the Scholastic book fair will return for a 3rd year.

Once again everything you see at the fair is 50% off, this includes all books, all stationary and all posters. We’ll be in the library from Monday 9th July till Thursday 12th July.

During break and lunch times you’ll be able to browse the selection of the hottest titles to hit the shelves this year. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to pick up your Summer Reading.

Also if you’re lucky enough to spot Wally hidden somewhere on the library walls, you’ll win a £5 voucher to spend at the book fair.

World Book Day 2018

I am writing to inform you that on the 1st March 2018 Hamstead Hall Academy will be hosting a World Book Day event. As always pupils will be given their £1 book voucher for use in all good bookshops. Details about this can be found at  www.worldbookday.com 

To celebrate World Book Day, we will have a different dress code and pupils will have two options: either they dress up as their favourite literary character or dress up smartly in formal attire. Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative costumes.

Pupils will be asked to pay £1 and funds raised will go towards improving resources in the library and Book Aid International; a charity committed to stocking libraries in the poorest parts of Africa.
We’ll also be running Drop Everything and Read (DEAR), which means that classroom activities will stop for a designated period of time in order for pupils to read a book of their choosing. It is imperative that pupils bring in their chosen fiction book on 1st March or choose one from the Academy library. They can also go to their English teacher if they need to borrow a book.

Hamstead Hall Academy is committed to raising the standards of literacy across the school and we hope to see as many pupils take part as possible in all the activities taking place.

For great budget-beating dressing up ideas go to www.bookaid.org/worldbookday

Dork Diaries Announcement and Review

To celebrate the library acquiring all the Dork Diaries books, Student Librarian Harjas has written about why she likes the series so much.


“I love dork diaries because it is very interesting because it talks about a girl who has a lot of problems in school and how she solves the problem. t is similar to diary of a wimpy kid. I am happy that the library got the whole collection of dork diaries so I will be able to read all of them.”

Hamstead Hall Mock US Election Results.

It’s November the 15th and we now all know the result of the American Presidential Election. For better or worse Donald Trump won the American vote. But what about Hamstead Hall Academy?

Our results are as follows:

Hillary Clinton: 271 Votes   (78.7%)

Donald Trump: 73 Votes   (21.2%)

Obviously our results don’t match up with what America voted for. Once the final results are in (Michigan are still to vote) we’ll be creating a display exploring why Trump was elected and we’ll be comparing our results with those in the US.

On a side note, the results were tweeted out last week. Initially I miscounted and put ten of Hillary’s votes in the Trump pile, so our Twitter account did send out inaccurate results. The ones represented here are final however.




A Student Librarian’s view on the US election.

In the library we are going to perform a mock US election. The candidates in the mock US election are going to be Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The reason why the US election is taking place is to see our views as an Academy, politically.
Donald Trump is a very wealthy person. He has unique views on how to improve America. In my opinion Donald Trump does not approve of a multicultural society even though it brings peace. He has racist views and lies frequently.
I don’t know much about Hillary Clinton however, in my opinion she could be an inspirational individual to women. She is also more experienced in politics.