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The Hamstead Hall Mock US Election is underway

Our policy display and ballot box

Once again we’re running a mock election within the library. This time we’ll be deciding who we think should win the US Presidential election. You’ll be able to choose between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
We’ve got a display at the back of the library which goes over both candidate’s thoughts and policies on matters of refugees, foreign policy, taxes, immigration, law and order, climate change, job creation, abortion and gun laws. Read them all and see which candidate’s views match up with your own. Once you’ve done that mark the oval next to your chosen candidate on the voting ballot and place it into the ballot box.

Anyone caught tampering with the voting system will get in real trouble. Votes will be counted on the evening of the 8th November and announced on the 9th November concurrently with the real results.

Our student librarian Maeesa has written a blog post about her thoughts, but keep in mind that this is her opinion as opposed to objective information. It can be read here.

A Student Librarian’s view on the US election.

In the library we are going to perform a mock US election. The candidates in the mock US election are going to be Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The reason why the US election is taking place is to see our views as an Academy, politically.
Donald Trump is a very wealthy person. He has unique views on how to improve America. In my opinion Donald Trump does not approve of a multicultural society even though it brings peace. He has racist views and lies frequently.
I don’t know much about Hillary Clinton however, in my opinion she could be an inspirational individual to women. She is also more experienced in politics.