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World Book Day 2019

We had a great World Book Day this year. Firstly we smashed the fund-raising record raising almost £600. Funds will go to the charities Book Aid and Book Trust. We had more pupils coming in dressed up than ever before. So many amazing outfits this year including Julius Caesar and Gangster Granny. You can view some of their amazing outfits on the Hamstead Hall site by clicking here. Thanks for everyone who took part . We had such fun in the library. Bring on World Book Day 2020!

World Book Day 2018

I am writing to inform you that on the 1st March 2018 Hamstead Hall Academy will be hosting a World Book Day event. As always pupils will be given their £1 book voucher for use in all good bookshops. Details about this can be found at  www.worldbookday.com 

To celebrate World Book Day, we will have a different dress code and pupils will have two options: either they dress up as their favourite literary character or dress up smartly in formal attire. Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative costumes.

Pupils will be asked to pay £1 and funds raised will go towards improving resources in the library and Book Aid International; a charity committed to stocking libraries in the poorest parts of Africa.
We’ll also be running Drop Everything and Read (DEAR), which means that classroom activities will stop for a designated period of time in order for pupils to read a book of their choosing. It is imperative that pupils bring in their chosen fiction book on 1st March or choose one from the Academy library. They can also go to their English teacher if they need to borrow a book.

Hamstead Hall Academy is committed to raising the standards of literacy across the school and we hope to see as many pupils take part as possible in all the activities taking place.

For great budget-beating dressing up ideas go to www.bookaid.org/worldbookday

Our World Book Day Event Made The News!


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We really enjoyed the World Book Day celebrations earlier this month and we were really pleased to get a reminder of this lovely day in this week’s Great Barr Observer. They kindly published an article explaining everything that happened on the day and what we hoped the day would achieve in terms of reading development. We look forward to future World Book Days and hope to build on what we did this year.

World Book Day 2017

Hamstead Hall Academy was delighted to take part in World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017. One and all were encouraged to arrive dressed as their favourite literary characters and it was fantastic to see so many students in the Library as the day approached exploring the detail of their chosen characters’ outfits. We saw an influx of pupils and staff as they investigated and made notes, drew pictures and planned with meticulous care who they would be on the day.
World Book Day arrived and we all scrutinised staff and pupils as they arrived dressed as characters from literature. The pictures attest to the wide range of works being read at our school and we are proud of the effort that had been made. We walked down corridors with characters from Roald Dahl, J. K. Rowling, Ian Fleming and David Walliams; Princesses from fairy tales; DC and Marvel characters in their outfits and as their alter egos, there were mischievous wizards and Jedi knights ready to do battle and so many more. It was a spectacular sight and the smiles and merriment suggested that all had had a great day. The generosity of all also meant that we were able to collect funds to donate to Book Aid International; the designated charity chosen by World Book Day this year.
However, we must not forget that this day is all about literacy and the value of reading. We have a thriving Library at Hamstead Hall and feel proud that so many staff and pupils use it. In order to emphasise the importance of reading and how it helps, we arranged a whole school DEAR (Drop Everything and Read). Everyone was asked to bring in a book that they wanted to read and at a set time, we rang a bell and did just that, dropped everything to read! Everyone at Hamstead Hall spent that time reading for pleasure, engrossed in stories that stoked their imagination. Teachers used time afterwards talking to pupils about their reading choices and all were encouraged to talk about the books they had brought in.
Although we had a tremendous time on World Book Day, it is imperative to remember why we did it and why we wanted everyone to take part. Reading is a key part of everyday life and with poor literacy skills this can be a struggle. This is why we want to lead by example to demonstrate the importance of reading as a way of promoting reading for pleasure as well as improve academic performance.
We hope to have many more entertaining World Book Days to celebrate and dress up for but we also wish to remind pupils that every day should be a Book Day.

Ms P. Clair
Head of Library