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Our Favourite Sections of the Library.

This is a joint article written by Student Librarians Tayba and Hariya with input from Mr Cochrane and Ms Clair. We talk about our favourite sections of the library and why they like them so much.

I like the fiction section of the library because it has stories in it. My favourite stories are adventures like ‘The Witch that does Spells.’

The non-fiction books are my favourite section of the library. This is because the non-fiction section can help me with my work and prepare me for my future tests, assessments and exams.

Mr Cochrane
My favourite bit of the library is the Young Adult section, here you can find lots of interesting books which are specifically written for teenagers. They’re way more intense than the regular fiction!

Ms Clair
My favourite section of the Library is ALL of it! I love reading and my taste is eclectic so I will choose and read whatever subject I am interested in at the time; it can be fiction or non-fiction.

‘Run Zan, Run’ Book Review

Run Zan, Run by Catherine Macphail

I enjoyed Run Zan Run, A LOT!
It was about a girl, Katie, who is being bullied. She is helped by a homeless girl called Zan, and they form a friendship. But eventually, Katie realises that Zan is hiding something, and suddenly, the girls have more to worry about than school bullies.
I would recommend it to people who like thrillers and also people who don’t read much because it’s so short, and the action starts almost immediately.