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If you have a suggestion or recommendation for something you think we should be doing in the library then write us a comment at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can write one on paper and then pop it into the suggestion box at the library desk. We will reply to every comment.

Below are some suggestions we’ve answered recently.

Suggestion/Question Response
I have noticed that you don’t have many football books. We have about fifty books on football in the non-fiction section. Dewey code 796. If you’re after a fiction book about football, why not check out Secret FC by Tom Palmer or Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend by Francesca Simon
Can we please the Harry Potter DVDs as well as the Divergent series? We have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD. We’ll look into getting the other DVDs in the future. In the meantime all the books of both series are available to borrow.
Could you get some more books on World War 2? We have some excellent resources on World War II, check out Peter Hepplewhite’s books. He covers world war II in the air, or the sea and on land. Dewey reference 940.544
Having said this we will do a review of the resources on the topic. Let us know if there is anything specific about the war that you think needs covering.
Miss Clair is not here anymore and I haven’t seen her in ages. Where is she?


Miss Clair is still the head of the library and she will still be a presence in the library. However to help ease her workload, Mr Cochrane will be taking over as Senior Librarian.
I have noticed that there is not much Japanese Manga.


We’ll be looking into expanding our Manga collection next time we do a book shop. Thank you for the specific suggestions guys. If there is any more series you would like to see then let us know.
The computers should be on every day. At the library we really want to get you all reading, so we keep Wednesdays and Fridays computer free in order for you to check out all the other resources. You don’t always need a computer to do your work, but if you do check out the rooms 212, 213, 423 and 606.
I have noticed that lunch times are very short Apologies for the short lunch times. The library can get very chaotic and we have to get everyone out early in order to collect up resources and make sure you all get to your lessons on time.
I would like you to get username Evie by Joe Sugg and Girl Online by Zoe Sugg We’ve now got both books and the sequel Girl Online on Tour.
You do not have my favourite book called Women in White


A fantastic book and an excellent suggestion. We’ve now bought the book, you’ll find it in the classics section.
There are few books to do with mental health. I hope it is possible to get books on this in the future. -Mickey Hi Mickey, thank you for pointing this out. We’ll be getting in ‘Introducing Mental Health, Second Edition’ by Caroline Kinsella to begin with and we’ll build up our collection from there.
There is not enough Harry Potter books. i.e. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. -Sana We do own all the Harry Potter books, The chamber of Secrets is now back on the shelves if you fancied reading it. We know they’re popular, but we usually avoid getting in spares so we can buy other new books instead.
Please invest in ICT and increase the A4 paper allowance. -Ambre We’re looking to invest in more computers as a long term plan.
The 5 page allowance is there to be environmentally friendly. Please think before you print. You can always double side your work!
I have noticed that you don’t have many revision guides. I want more. We’ve spent an absolutely huge amount of money bringing the revision guides up to date this year. You will find nearly every subject accounted for if you’re taking a GCSE, A-level or BTEC. We are also looking into buying some KS3 revision guides. If you can’t find your subject represented then please talk to the librarian.
I have noticed that on the TV you don’t have a map of the library. An excellent idea. We’ve got a rudimentary map in the library guide, but I’ll design a new one and make it available.
I have noticed that the organisation of the library is not creative. Interesting point. The library’s fiction is organised via author and the non-fiction is organised using the Dewey system. Do you mean the displays and features should be more creative? Please come and have a chat with me about this one, I’m not too sure what you mean.
We should have study sessions during school. Teachers are able to bring students to the library for study sessions during class. This is more up to them, the library doesn’t control teacher’s lesson plans.
I have noticed that the Goosebumps series is not here. We now have a brand-new copy of the Goosebumps horror land series. We can’t stock all the Goosebumps books because he’s written almost 200!
The library hasn’t got that many PCs and they are slow.

/The computers are too slow.

This will all change in the next few months. The ICT department is gradually fixing up our old PCs. They’re replacing the old hard drives with Solid state drives and beefing up the specs. PC 10, 1 and 8 have been through this process already and are the ones you will want to use.Remember it always helps if you LOG OFF as opposed to shut down your PC as the boot-up process is time consuming.More PCs can be found in rooms 212, 213, 423 and 606.
I cannot talk in the library and it helps me work. Please help!


It might help you work (debatable) but your talking certainly doesn’t help the people around you work. You have to remain considerate of others when you use the library.
The library is awesome!!! It’s soooo great.


Thanks Libby!
I have noticed that a Series of Unfortunate Events is not complete and it would be of great admiration if the novels could be available.


Hi Ketsa

It is complete! Not only do we have all the books, we also have all the audiobooks and the film. If a series appears incomplete, just ask the library team, most likely one of the books was on loan when you checked.

P.S. You should check out the new Netflix adaptation if you have access.

There are no Unicorns in the library. This strongly displeases me…


Hi Ginge

Check out The secret history of Unicorns (Dewey ref: 398.469) and The Unicorn Princess by Babette Cole.

Update the computers in the future The PCs have all been updated this year, we’ve ripped out all the old processors and hard drives and they now all run on new gear including solid state drives. Let me know if you have any specific problems with them.

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  1. Hi Sir, hows your holiday. Also i think we should have a movie posters section for upcoming movies.

    1. That is not a bad idea. We have a wall of film posters, but they were for films that were shown on Film Friday. We’ll update them and print the new ones off in colour. Remind me and we’ll sort this out during your library duty.
      My holiday was great! Thanks for asking. Hope you had a nice break too.

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